We carefully create bespoke menus for your event or for your restaurant or cafe. Our team of experts create a menu that speaks volumes to your clients taste buds about what your brand stands for.



With over 20 years combined experience in the Fitness Industry and the Food and Beverage Industry, the team at The Shredded Chefs are able to bring together some of the most simple and enjoyable recipes for your weekly consumption. We have partnered with some of the most gifted chefs and team to produce food that will have your taste buds whistling.



The Shredded Chefs Cookbooks are based around the concept of wastage reduction, time management and calorie aware recipes. In an age of overabundance, our recipes are based off a single serving, allowing you to calculate the amount of people you want to cook for and/or what you are cooking just for yourself. Our cookbooks also take a simple yet exciting twist, bringing healthy recipes to the forefront with the allowance to change the ingredient slightly to fit within your dietary requirements or needs. Each recipe clearly states what the fat, carbohydrates and protein intake is on your serving. This not only helps you with your meal planning but also it does the following:

      • Reduces the waste
      • Reduces the risk of overeating
      • Manages your time and simplifies the way you cook and prepare food.
      • Rrovides you with a healthy protein high option or a healthy substitute for items in the recipe.


Whilst in Dubai, Blake has hosted many events both corporate and non-corporate. Bringing his passion and experience into the forefront and sharing his enthusiasm with food to others, this is visible in how he carries himself when hosting events. Taking his training in cooking and also his training and experience in the fitness industry, he is capable of taking simple and traditional meals and bring them into the modern arena, adjusting them to suit many different allergies, food approaches or dietary requirements. His charismatic presence and persona enables the guests and audience to fall into his love and passion of food.